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2022 GRantees


Support for FORCE's Featured Research Database and Search & Enroll Tool to help match individuals with an inherited mutation to clinical trials focused on the treatment, early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer

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Support for the Hennessy Foundation BRCA Ovarian Cancer Research Fund for advances in research for prevention early detection, and screening of BRCA-related ovarian cancer


Through OCRA's Partners in Science program, the Foundation has selected and sponsored a OCRA-funded scientist whose research is centered on the the early detection, prevention, and treatment of ovarian cancer


A grant was made to support the mission of reducing the nursing shortage by providing scholarships to NJ nurses aides to help pay for their certifications


Support for the institution whose mission is to prepare students for life through holistic education in Catholic traditions


Support for the Parents Champions for Strong Schools Program

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Support for The Lep Foundation's scholarship programs that provide financial assistance to  students who suffer from physical disabilities and economical hardship

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In the wake of Hurricane, the Foundation provided a donation to help provide immediate relief to those affected and the nonprofits that support the victims in the aftermath of this crisis

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