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Inspired by faith, love, and kindness, Mike and Patti gave so much to others.  When faced with adversity, Mike and Patti not only would rise to the occasion but would seek ways to offer hope to others facing their own challenges. 

As mother and father to four children and grandparents to 10, Mike and Patti used their roles as a patriarch and matriarch to the Hennessy family to instill their core values – family, faith, education, and health. 

For Mike, he took to teaching these lessons to all those that crossed his path. He is described by those that knew him as a leader, creator, inspiration, visionary, and a kind, generous, and humble man.  Mike had a passion for creating businesses that would positively impact the lives and health of untold individuals.  Mike was a true leader in the medical publishing industry and built MJH Life Sciences, the largest privately held, independent, full-service medical media company in North America dedicated to delivering trusted health care news across multiple channels. His endeavors led him to a new approach to print and digital publishing.  Over the years, and inspired by his wife’s tenacity as she fought recurrent ovarian and breast cancer, Mike focused his talents on improving the lives of patients with cancer.  He created initiatives to recognize the leaders and pioneers who often go unrecognized for their contributions to advancing oncology care. He further strengthened his commitment to patient education and advocacy through the publication and programs developed by his platforms.   Throughout his life, Mike never stopped seeking opportunities to provide a forum and platform for education focused on innovative healthcare.

Patti was a mother devoted to her four children and their spouses and a grandmother who considered her grandchildren the loves of her life.  She instilled in her family the virtues of generosity, forgiveness, and resilience.  She inspired those around her with her talent and creativity which were evident in her love of interior design through which she crafted a warm and loving home for her family and her passion for event planning which enabled her to celebrate large and small triumphs with those she loved.  Patti gave herself to others, selflessly and tirelessly.  She bravely shared her experience with cancer to others in hope that by learning of her experience they could become proactive about their own health.  In 2018, she served as keynote speaker for PER®’s 35th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference®, emphasizing the importance of testing for BRCA gene mutations in women with breast and ovarian cancers.  She challenged oncologists, nurses, and other health professionals to take more detailed family histories, to expand the options for individualized therapy, and most importantly to think outside of the box.   Patti showed others that one should not dwell on the present uncertainties, there is too much to celebrate - one should revel in the distance yet to be traveled.

Throughout their lives, Mike and Patti gave generously to charities whose missions reflected their core values - family, faith, education, and health.  From scholarship funds and church development to a wide range of healthcare initiatives, Mike and Patti actively sought out opportunities to give to their community and beyond.  


Mike and Patti were steadfast champions of education.   They consistently provided support to local institutions like Rider University,  Shortly before he passed away, Mike gave the largest gift ever received at Rider for the sciences to memorialize his wife, Patti.    In a beautiful tribute to their legacy, the University named the building the Mike and Patti Hennessy Science and Technology Center in January 2022.

Mike and Patti’s core values and “family first” mantra will live on through their family, their incredible endeavors, and through the Mike and Patti Foundation. 

Through their legacy, we will inspire, collaborate and innovate to improve the quality of life for all.

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